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19 años, de Yekaterinburg 160
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Hi everyone! My name is Anastasia and I am 19 years old. I live in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, the capital of the Ural, studying at the law university. I like to travel, play volleyball, fond on photography and read a lot. I will be glad to find friends from all over the world :)

14 años, de Sprang-Capelle 147
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Hi! I'm Cécile and in my life I have been to France many times. However, my French still isn't perfect. That's why I would love to improve my French and make some French friends. Other nationalities are also welcome of course!

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Hi, I'm George! I'm mostly interested in writing -regularly- mails & snail mail (paper mail). I'd like to write in English, German and Spanish. I'd like to learn Polish, perhaps a Scandinavian language, some French and Japanese in the future. I would like to know people from around the world. In the past years I've met some...

29 años, de London 159
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Hello, my name is Adam. I live in London, England. Just looking to make some new friends. I love travelling and meeting new people, so feel free to say hello :)

19 años, de 't Veld 147
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I hate it when people ask about my favorite books and/or movies. It's so hard to choose since there are SO MANY good books and movies. My favorite writer is easy: Stephen King. I adore his work to the fullest and I'm currently working on reading on all his books. Some of my favorite books are Christine, IT & The Stand, all written...

35 años, de Brussels 23
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Keep on learning every day :-) Never give up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s43sptuwkvA Don't give in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUaVhMjlPZg

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Hey, I'm Franzi or Franny or Franziska or whatever you prefer. Most people call me Franzi though. I'm 17 years old and live in Germany. I love singing, drawing and writing. So if you would like to talk to me just text me ;)

15 años, de Leszno 150
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You can add me on: Twitter, Hangouts, vk, Facebook, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk , Line and Instagram but write me here before adding me. I feel weird when someone total random sends me invite or follows me.

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Hello! My name is Natalia and I am 19 years old. I come from a small village in Poland, my beloved homeland. I am a talkative and cheerful girl who loves reading books, especially poetry and Gothic novels, and is an amateur writer herself. I am also fond of travelling, rock, classical and folk music, theatre, dancing, hair care,...

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I probably like to talk a lot about everything, but when it comes to music, fashion, make up, series and movies I can't hold my tongue.

17 años, de New Orleans 228
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I'm Aubrie, I'm 17 and I live in the US. I'm here because I want to make friends all over the world. I love to bake, do yoga, and pretend I'm good at photography. I spend way too much time on youtube. I love to travel and want to spend the rest of my life seeing all the world has to offer. I also love learning languages (French and...