Why we live? Politics and governments

Salam alaykoum

Do you know why we live?

Do you know where we go?

Do you know what life mean?

Do you search to be happy??

you are among those who are lost?

Do you know why people commit suicide?

Your questions don't seem to passionate the members of penpal Gate.
If you are a believer, you surely think that the reason of life is for that God find some souls to occupy his Paradise. So our life is like a test to see if we are enough worthy for this wonderful world or sadly thrown in Hell.
if not, there is nothing after our life and so our mind disappear with the body.
Maybe , there the theory of the reincarnation but according that I know , that always finish by a kind or Paradise or Hell.
Practising a religion is a kind of insurance against depression and hell. But personally with the years and in spite a strong religious education I loosed the faith without being absolutely atheist. Why all that for nothing? I can define me as an agnostic; I don't know what's the truth . So I can say that I'm among the lost people too. It's not a reason for me to refuse this random " to be in life"
Everybody search happiness all along the life.
If the life is particularly horrible and without hope or interest . I can understand that somebody want to suicide.

I don´t know why we live, I ask myself this question in difficult situations too.

But you can try to do the best of everything. You can try to find something that you really like (a good hobby, a job that you like). If you have found it, you don´t ask yourself this question most of the time anymore.

Life mean what you want it to mean.

For me Jesus is the way, the truth and the life!

Do you know why we live?
- does any one knows why? don't think so. Maybe to enjoy the smallest things you can do.

Do you know where we go?
- Anywhere you want to? no limits.

Do you know what life mean?
- different for everyone.

Do you search to be happy??
- always

you are among those who are lost?
- mostly :D

Do you know why people commit suicide?
Several reasons, yet I don't know why this is being asked...

Do you know why we live?
- Is there a purpose in life? I guess everyone wants to find their purpose in life and live for that. That is of course if you are satisfied with such a simple answer. Of course you could say that there is a higher power that has a plan for us. But I think it is more fulfilling if you can chose your purpose yourself.

Do you know where we go?
- After death? Into the ground.

Do you know what life means?
- It means something different to everyone because we are all different and each person values and creates their life differently. Some people have a higher power they live for, others don't, both can be happy.

Do you search to be happy?
- I think everybody does and I hope everybody finds happiness.

Are you among those who are lost?
- I am but I don't consider it a bad thing. I think you need to get lost every once in a while to get a new perspective on things.

Do you know why people commit suicide?
- There are so many reasons. People are so different and life has different influences on people.

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I've expressed my beliefs to my friends before, both orally and through letters, and perhaps what I believe can guide you, or give you light.

Leo Tolstoy stated in his Anna Karenina that we ought to live for intrinsic value, which is to say that we should find value in something WE WANT and live for that. So maybe I'm a regular guy, and I think pottery is really cool, so maybe I can try to create beautiful pots and I can make this my life's mission. Pair this with what Bradbury said in Fahrenheit 451, that we should all CREATE something. In the novel, he had stated something along the lines of, a physical representation of yourself that will live on longer than you, or live after you pass. These things we create don't have to be anything in particular, maybe paintings, or a garden, or something beautiful carved from wood.

So maybe this is not good advice to you, or does not ignite a spark in your heart--but for me this is my light. I don't believe in God per se, but I'm comfortable with where I am. And so far I haven't found these things I should create, or whether or not they should be physical, but maybe this is enough for now (I'm still young). As for you sir, I hope that you find whatever light there is for you, and do NOT consider suicide as an option.
I believe in fate, and we are all destined to do something here on this Earth. Do not question your purpose, because if you look under the rubble, it will be there for you.

Russian live to show another countries and people how they shouldn't live!)



i think life is feellings so we live to feel love and pain of this love

We live to reproduce ourselves I guess.

Salam Aleikum

I will try to answer your questions.
We live because we have been created by God. I believe that on this earth we are only passing through. I believe in God, and I believe that our final goal is not in this earth! Our final goal is the new Jerusalem; the city of God and the saints, as described in the Bible.
Adam and Eve were created by God to live forever, but they sinned and therefore sin entered both in the human world and in the animal world.
Man made wrong choices and walked without God. Eternity is also for us who live in this world, but we must re-establish our relationship with God; be circumcised from sin and live according to his teachings.
I try to be happy, but if I look for happiness in things or people, I will never be happy.
Technology can give you a momentary happiness.
People can give you a momentary happiness.
True happiness can only be found in God and his teachings. In the past I have lost so many times, simply because I was walking without God.
Man today can do many things. People think they can do whatever they want; because he feels free to do what he wants.
I think people come to suicide because they are disappointed by people and everything around them. People therefore lose their trust in people and not entrusting their problems to God, they do not know how to solve them. Suicide does not solve the problems !!! Suicide is the murder of oneself. Entrust your problems to God !!!