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what do you know about islam? have you ever tried to know more about it?

I've heard many different things about Islam but never by a Muslim him/herself and I'm interested in other cultures so I'd be curious to know more ...

what have you heard for example?

I've heard about the general rules, like praying five times a day, avoiding eating pork, fasting during Ramadan, wearing the hijab (for women, of course) ... I've also heard about arranged marriages and the fact that a man can have more than a wife. But it's all superficial information, for example I don't know which are the beliefs that guide Islam and which are the real precepts that Muslims must follow according to the Koran. I'd be curious to know even what is the real role of women in this religion.

yes Darksideprincess God via the Coran and the Sunnah (the deeds and sayings of our prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him) shows us what do we exactly must follow in the most precise details of our lives: what to say before and after eating,what to say when going to bed,when going to the bathroom,when changing clothes,when entering the supermarket,when getting in the house (we say"Bismillah" :In the name of God),and even what to say when a husband and his wife makes love in order to get mercy and blessing from God,and so many other details. Unfortunately all principles of Islam are misunderstood by most of people especially in the media.women's rights in islam are so well preserved to the extent that our Prophet Mouhammed Peace Be Upon Him till his last days of his life ordered his followers people in general to treat women properly,respect them.As a mother,we should not speaki out loud with her for the sacrifices she made during her life,we should take care of her when she gets older and the same way for the father also. In Islam, as a wife,the woman must be respected by her husband and vice versa,he must treat her according to her nature that is her feminity,sould not beat her,injures her,in short must respect her sacrifices.and about polygamy,it's not an order,like praying or fasting or wearing the hijab,and it's not mentioned randomly in the Coran,a man can do this according to some conditions,first of all he must be wealthy so he can provide all the needs of more than a wife,second he must be fair in handling with 2,3,and 4
wives,in the Coran it is mentioned that to have a wife and respect her is better than having 4 and be unfair,so it's all about fairness,because one of the most sacred qualities in Islam.of course not all muslims are following all these rules,there are surely some exceptions,we are humans and we are likely to make errors in life.and those who are bombing everywhere in the name of Islam have no relation with this religion which is based on peace,mercy and tolerance :)

This is really interesting and complete :).
I totally agree that the media, the TV, the journals, often describe Islam in general like a sort of dangerous thing ... but obviously, as you wrote, it would be superficial to think that all the muslims go bombing or that they agree with terrorists. Sometimes people forget that the fanatism exists in every religion: for example Christians went to kill muslims in Jerusalem during the Middle Age and, in my opinion, it was exactly the same kind of situation.
The condition of women that you have described is based on respect and reciprocity (I like especially the one about how to behave with your mother), and I didn't know that the Prophet told to respect all the ladies! I am glad to know that, even in
this case, some men's stupidity is the only evil aspect in this religion.
Thank you for your explanation :).

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you're welcome.still ,unlike what most of people think as a form of slavery ,ploygamy can be a way to preserve one's chastity,it is better for some men who feel an urgent need for women,since betrayal and extraconjugal (illegal) relationships in Islam are strictly forbidden,so it's better to have more than a wife than to have a wife but numerous partners.

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By the way there is nothing evil in Islam,it is perfect in everything,but rather humans are evil :)

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I understand what you mean, maybe it's not the most romantic of the prospects but it sounds logycal!
Can women have more than an husband too?

hhh no women cannot have more than a husband, I think it is proved scientifically but I don't know how to explain this.I'll try to find an explicit explanation and tell you :) If you have any other questions you're welcome :)

Thanks for your disponibility ^-^.
At the moment I have only a curiousity: what about holy festivities, which are the most important ones and which is your favourite?
Obviously, if you have any question too about any aspect of Christianity I will be glad to answer :).

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There are so much things... What tv says about is bull shit. I know a lot, but less then you of course. If you want we can talk about it, and about religions generously. I find it very interesting

I think if peopel try to be respectful and tolerant with , there would be any problem but people are becoming increasingly racist

*with others

hhh no women cannot have more than a husband, I think it is proved scientifically but I don't know how to explain this.I'll try to find an explicit explanation and tell you :) If you have any other questions you're welcome :)
I know two reasons why women can't have more than one husband: 1) if she's pregnant we can't know who is the father and 2) in most of the countries there are more women than men so if a women has more than one husband it won't solve the problem of single people; whereas a man having more than a wife can solve this problem.

I hope that I helped :)

I live in German and have al lot of turkish friends but I got also a Boyfriend from Irak he was a muslim until he was 16 but then he had to flee to jordan went to a christian School and got to know another religion which fitted better so his believs and personality, know he is evangelic.
So I heard some real bad things bute even some good things about the islam and the coran, but its more about the people who practice this religions I care because its important how they want to understand what is written in the coran.

They have general rules.

Guys check out this book: Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

A great novel, portrays some essence of Islam