• 6m
  • Ciudades y países que he visitado

    I try to visit a lot of different places. I have been to Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switserland, Italy, Greece, Turkey and ofcourse a lot of places in the Netherlands!

  • Libros/autores/películas de tu preferencia

    I love watching a good old romatic comedy. Really don't like to watch scary movies because when I do that, I can't sleep at night!

  • Siempre disfruto hablar sobre...

    Music, food, new experiences, travelling, creative things, family.

  • Viviendo en el extranjero por un año

    I would definitely choose a country where the temperatures are higher than in Holland. I would like to do something useful, maybe volunteer somewhere. And see a lot of the ins en outs of the country.

  • Una carrera sin obstáculos

    I think a perfect carreer doesn't exist. I work in a hospital as an occupational therapist. I mostly work with patients with neurological problems, such as a stroke, brain tumor or a trauma.