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  • Ciudades y países que he visitado

    I've traveled all across Canada and the United States, I been to Mexico, Peru an Bolivia. I love to travel.

  • Mis intereses en otras culturas

    I'm interested in many different cultures around the world, even cultures most people have never heard of before.

  • Viviendo en el extranjero por un año

    I would love to live in Europe, maybe some nice (safe) parts of Asia, or Japan.

  • Habilidades personales

    I am am currently in college.

  • Libros/autores/películas de tu preferencia

    Catcher I'm the Rye, The Secret of Clouds, The Dead Zone, Of Mice and Men, Walkabout, Twenty and Ten, Dante's Inferno, Mind Platter, White Stag, Won and Eona, Pillars of the Earth, etc, etc. I love to read and favour to many books.

  • Mis logros de mayor orgullo

    Staying alive and growing up, keep getting inspired and motevated. Finding a good respectful man to happily share my life with.

  • Soy un experto en...

    Writing, Reading and photography. Longboarding is a passion I take seriously.

  • Siempre disfruto hablar sobre...

    I used to talk about lots of things. I can hold a good convorsation if someone even cared to listen, as I would take the time to listen to someone else. Where I live, no one talks to anyone here unless you were born in this town, or share the same culture as them. (Some cultures can be very rude) So no one talks to me at all here. I have no friends and not much family. Half my family does not speak to me either. It is tough libing in this town, I wish to move to a city.

  • Un reto personal

    Writing. Or Journalism is kind of a challange. Different people find different things challanging in opinions. Religion can also be a touchy nag challenging topic to approach, or talk about, it puts people on edge.

  • Haz del mundo un mejor lugar

    Have kids enjoy school again, better education, better discipline would decrease crime in many ways. Easy on the police brutality, more understanding eachother. Patience and responsibility. Etc

  • Placeres de la infancia

    Legos, Polly Pockets, Hot Wheelz toys, reading, skateboarding, school feildtrips, beaches and hicking.

  • Recientemente aprendí...

    It is never to late for anything, keep yourself motivated and inspired. I learnt that people can move on but hearts are hard to mend, I learned to be cautious, not to trust and fall in love so easily.

  • Algo no muy común sobre mi

    I Have Scoliosis, Anxeity Disorder, PTSD, And I still wake up every morning and start my day off with a bowl of medicinal cannabis, a coffee and a small breakfast. Go to class and go to work, jog on the weekend mornings. Morning and noon Yoga to clear my stress and mind, drink water and I just keep going. Keep your cool. That's all I do...some days keeping my cool can be difficult.

  • Desearía que la gente sepa más sobre...

    Education...and avrage 16 year old today has NEVER heard of the country Turkey or Laos for exaple.

  • Me preocupa...

    A few things concern me, the fact that scientists are still testing cosmetics on animals, putting them through torture. Im concerned about the posibility of another world war, with so many different wars now and leaders refuse to get along. Being part Jewish makes me worry about racism also, but being pegan in faith makes me realize how Christianity had almost ruined paganism completely by stealing the holidays, and slaughtering Pegans and their families, burni g their homes and villages, I am a pegan and that disappoints me to great concern. And the environment that no one seems to give a shit about. The pollution it causes, ruining our health. Children not receiving the good education the need anymore, and most teenagers don't care about anything but their technology, and anything else but education, they give up on's sad, many things concern me.

  • Estoy emocionado por...

    Getting my life back on track after the worst relationship with the worst emotional abuse I ever gone through. Completing my lifelong goals, getting married and starting a family, with a comfortable successful career that I enjoy and hopefully inspire others.

  • Para mejorar el sistema escolar...

    Yes, the school system needs major improvement! We need to inspire kids to want to go to school and actually enjoy learning enough where students don't HATE school in general. I think teachers need to be more strict and hold more discipline in the classroom, and teachers should also honestly be more concerned in the students education, grades and marks, make sure they do the best they can on their tests and exams, inspire students that school should not feel like a prison. Teach more in subjects like Language Arts or Social Studies and English or History, Geography, and maybe take it easy on changing the math system almost every year. Not one person is good at math anymore, or everyone hates it...and to be honest, there are people who do like math. So yes the school system needs to change.

  • En 10 años

    My vision could change by then, but hopefully I would be teaching Social Studies, Language Arts or English in a High School somewhere, in a nice community and live in a nice safe neighbourhood with trees, and married with a family. Happy.

  • Mis sentimientos sobre el futuro


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