• Siempre disfruto hablar sobre...

    I don’t use Social media.😄
    I really like it to talk about spare time. What kind of interesting you have. 🌊
    I like to talk about the future you wanted. 🔮
    I also like it to talk about music (I don’t play an instrument) what kind of music you like and music from your culture.🎶
    I’m also curios about school in other nations. 👩‍🏫 How do go to school? What is the difference between my school and yours?
    I really like to draw, everything from the 90s and earlier, nature, cultures and I like history.
    I actually like to talk about anything!!😄

  • Mis intereses en otras culturas

    I would really loved to learn something about your culture and you can teach me something from your language!!🦋

  • Ciudades y países que he visitado

    I was born in India so I’am 100% 🇮🇳Indian but I live for 14 years in the Netherlands. I’m adopted by Dutch people ( my parents) and I don’t remember anything from India.
    I never went to the USA ( that was an mistake on the map) I always go on vacation in Europe. I’ve been to Italy, England, Scotland, Germany and Greece. I’ve traveled more times to the same country I named. I really want to travelling to an Island with palm trees or other places.
    I really want to go to New Caledonië 🌴 (recently) New York🗽, Arizona🏜, Hawaii 🌺, Greece 🐠, Australia🦘and a lot more places. I like to hear story’s from people who went to places for away. I can’t wait to start my travel journey.

  • En 10 años

    I really want to travelling around the whole world. I want to explore different places and cultures. 🌎

  • Viviendo en el extranjero por un año

    That’s is one of my biggest dream! I don’t know yet which country I wanted to visit but I hope I will know soon

  • Soy un experto en...

    I’m not really an expert but I’m really into drawing.✍️ I draw a lot and I got a few examples. I’m definitely not a professional but maybe I’ll study illustration later.

  • Libros/autores/películas de tu preferencia

    I really like to read books, but I don’t red English books and I really want to. The only English book I red was The Outsides from S.E. Hinton. It wasn’t really easy 😅 but I kinda understood the story. I hope you can give some advice and titles from English books to read.
    I don’t have favourite movie but I’m really into action and romantic comedies and comedies. For example The Pirates of the carribean
    and Nothing hill.
    I really like movies from the 80s and 90s.
    I’m also really into Harry Potter!!!🧙🏻‍♀️🦉 and different series for example PLL, stranger things, teen wolf, friends, Gilmore girls en more