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  • Ciudades y países que he visitado

    The countries i have visited are Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Israël, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

    The most interesting places are:

    1.The Inca trail, a 4-day hike to Machu Picchu, Peru
    2.Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
    3.Jerusalem, Israël
    4.Petra, Jordan
    5.Luxor, Egypt
    6.The D-Day beaches at Normandy, France
    7.Ypres (ww1) and Bastogne (ww2) in Belgium.

  • Mis logros de mayor orgullo

    When you really want something, you can do it.

    I am learning Spanish and Arabic, I play the guitar, bagpipes and piano.
    I like to travel around the world.

  • Soy un experto en...

    Learning new languages, history and make music.

  • Siempre disfruto hablar sobre...

    Music, traveling, history, cultures and languages.

  • Viviendo en el extranjero por un año

    I like to live in Cartagena de indias for one year because my (ppg) bro lives there and it is a beautiful city in Colombia.

    I also want to live in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and china.

  • Mis intereses en otras culturas

    I like all cultures because everyone is equal but also very different.
    It's interesting to learn about how people live in other parts of the world, what they do in their spare time, what they eat, what kind of music they like and their daily routine.

  • Libros/autores/películas de tu preferencia

    My favorite series are,
    La casa de papel
    Cobra kai
    The walking dead
    Band of brothers
    And Spartacus

  • Un reto personal

    I will try to speak 5 languages fluently.
    Dutch (my native language)
    And French

    I also like to learn some Arabic words and sentences but it's hard to do. 😅